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Apple iPhone 5S: the "killer feature" is coming

Samsung Galaxy S4 (opens in new tab) left you underwhelmed? Not quite sure if the HTC One (opens in new tab) is right for you? Sony Xperia Z (opens in new tab) failed to inspire the imagination? BlackBerry Z10 (opens in new tab) a case of too little, too late?

Fear not, jaded mobile junkie - Apple's next iPhone will pack a "killer feature" to set the smartphone world alight again. At least, that's what Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty thinks.

Speaking to CNBC, Huberty said that while Apple and its stock market performance in particular is currently stuck in a rut, she fully expects the company to rebound this year on the back of a dazzling new iPhone.

"You saw the Samsung Galaxy S4 come out last week, that shows you the innovation cards are up for grabs. What is lacking is a killer feature. We think that's where Apple will surprise this year. This [iPhone] 5S cycle this year will be about a killer feature that drives consumers to the platform," she commented, as first reported by Barron's. (opens in new tab)

Huberty was vague on whether the "killer feature" would be software or hardware based, but she seemed supremely confident that Apple's infamous "one more thing" mantra didn't go to the grave with Steve Jobs.

So what might the iPhone 5S - as many people expect Apple's next handset to be dubbed - come with in the way of innovations?

Fingerprint scanning technology has been mooted as a possible addition and has a number of potentially interesting uses, especially if combined with NFC. Elsewhere, many onlookers feel Apple has to deliver an improved display on its next iPhone to keep pace with the Full HD handsets being pushed out by rival firms.

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