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More than 3 years in prison for iPad hacker

A hacker convicted of improperly accessing the accounts of AT&T iPad owners was sentenced to 41 months in prison yesterday.

As reported by Wired, Andrew Auernheimer will spend the next three years and four months behind bars. The sentence was handed down after Auernheimer reportedly got into a scuffle with court officials over a mobile device he had. The Verge said he was not supposed to be using a computer with a keyboard, and ultimately, the exchange led to him being cuffed.

Auernheimer - known online as Weev - and Daniel Spitler, believed to be members of the Goatse Security coalition of hackers, were arrested in mid-January 2011 on two counts each: one for fraud and the other for conspiring to access an unauthorized server, in this case, AT&T's. In June 2010 the carrier disclosed the theft of 114,000 e-mail addresses and ICC-IDs (identity numbers stored in SIM cards) of Apple iPad 3G owners, including Michael Bloomberg, Harvey Weinstein, and blogger Kara Swisher.

The hackers provided the stolen email addresses to gossip blog Gawker, which posted the data in redacted form, and said a group known as Goatse Security was claiming responsibility.

Auernheimer was released in March 2011 after posting a $50,000 (£33,000) bond, and convicted in November 2012. Each count carried a maximum potential penalty of five years in prison and a fine of $250,000 (£166,000).

"No matter what the outcome, I will not be broken. I am antifragile," Auernheimer tweeted earlier today.