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Xara giving away a free vector-based drawing application, Xtreme 5

Xara is a graphics software, developed by Computer Concepts, which used to be sold on Atari (and a number of other platforms) and subsequently made its way to Microsoft Windows.

It was, for a while, owned by Canadian giant Corel (which sold it as Corel Xara 3) and was then purchased by German company Magix software.

For a limited period, a graphics tool, Xara Xtreme 5, is being given away by Xara, a software package which used to cost $89 (around £50).

The company explains its decision in a statement “There are still tens of thousands of people using very old versions of Xara X, X1 and Xtreme 2,3 and 4, which are recorded, downloaded and unlocked (if you've lost your CD) through some very old systems. That is a problem for our customer support and network support staff. We would really prefer that you were using a more up to date version, so we are simply offering you one for free!”.

You only need to download the file, install it and register when the application starts up.

You will be sent a serial number that you will need to input to unlock it. Otherwise, it will stay in trial mode. Note that it takes a couple of minutes for Xtreme 5 to boot up first time. The offer, which takes place once every year, is valid till the end of April.