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Apple update fails to lock down iPhone home screen as new flaw is uncovered

They may have the best selling smartphones on the market, but it seems Apple and Samsung just can’t keep their lock screens secure.

Already this month we’ve had a flaw demonstrated on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, where a button sequence allows the user to break into the device without entering the passcode – and it soon proved that the Galaxy S3 contained the same security bug.

Apple has suffered the same problem with its iPhone recently, and not for the first time was forced to release a security patch in its iOS 6.1.3 update to rectify the problem this week. But determined to keep the software engineers on their toes, one savvy mobile handler swiftly moved to test the fix and found the lock screen could still be bypassed.

As demonstrated in the video above, making a voice control-prompted call then physically removing the phone’s SIM tray is the key to circumventing Apple’s latest fix.

It looks like a pretty intricate manoeuvre, but the fact that successful execution can grant access to the device’s photos, contacts and call screen means pressure will be on the Cupertino firm to plug the new gap.