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BBC Weather Twitter account hacked by pro-Assad Syrians

Our relentlessly bleak weather forecasts could do with a bit of livening up at the moment, but sabotage from loyalists in support of Syria President Bashar al-Assad probably isn’t what most of us would have in mind.

The ‘Syrian Electronic Army’ (SEA) has this afternoon hacked BBC Weather’s official Twitter account and posted a stream of tweets (below) ranging from surreal jibes at other Middle Eastern nations to support for the president’s under-fire regime; one reading, “Long Live #Syria Al-Assad #SEA.”

With the account boasting nearly 60,000 followers, the SEA secured a sizeable audience for its antics, though the tweets have now been taken down. With order now restored, the BBC team has tweeted, "Sorry about that, we were hacked. Normal service resumes."

Breaching high profile Twitter accounts is all the rage in hacker circles just now, and BBC Weather joins Burger King and Jeep as recent victims on the social network, which is today celebrating its seventh birthday.

In copycat scenarios, Burger King had its Twitter bio and branding altered to old rival McDonald's, while Jeep was mocked by hackers with an apparent allegiance to Cadillac.