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BlackBerry 10 OS now has more than 100,000 apps

Less than two months after its release, the new BlackBerry 10 operating system has surpassed 100,000 applications.

The company announced that customers now have access to more than 100,000 apps for the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, including Amazon Kindle, OpenTable, and The Wall Street Journal.

Coming soon are CNN, The Daily Show Headlines, eBay, eMusic, Maxim, MLB at Bat, MTV News, Pageonce, PGA, Rdio, Skype, Soundhound, and Viber.

"The response to the BlackBerry 10 platform and applications has been outstanding," Martyn Mallick, vice president of global alliances at BlackBerry, said in a statement. "Customers are thrilled with the applications already available, and the catalog just keeps growing."

While the platform already provides access to apps and games like Angry Birds Star Wars, Delta Air Lines, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, The New York Times, Slacker, Songza, Twitter, and WhatsApp, it still lacks many of the popular titles found on iOS and Android phones. After looking at a list of 102 popular apps on Android and iOS recently, we found that only 34 per cent of the apps had BlackBerry 10 versions or equivalents, while 63 per cent had Windows Phone 8 versions or equivalents.

But BlackBerry continues to add top brands and application providers, expecting a hefty offering by the time the Z10 hits shelves.

"The prospect of a very robust app catalog can only bolster momentum for the product and the platform itself," John Jackson, IDC research vice president of mobile and connected platforms, said in a statement. "The ability to attract and sustain developer support is like lifeblood for any mobile platform, and it's not something that simply happens. This progress is a testament to BlackBerry's early and innovative engagement with developers worldwide and the innovative architecture of the platform itself."

All 100,000-plus BB10 applications can be found in the BlackBerry World online marketplace, along with games, themes, music, movies, and TV episodes.