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Google to continue to develop Android and Chrome separately, says Schmidt

Despite the fact that Google recently merged the Android and Chrome teams, the search giant will continue to develop both products separately, executive chairman Eric Schmidt said recently.

During a visit to India, Schmidt said Chrome and Android "serve different purposes and will remain different products," according to The Times of India.

He conceded, however, that the products could overlap more in the future, according to Reuters.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Schmidt's comments come about a week after Google announced that it would merge the Google and Chrome teams. The newly formed division is now under the control of Sundar Pichai, who previously served as senior vice president of Chrome. Andy Rubin stepped down as Android chief, and will pursue other opportunities inside Google.

In a memo to staff published by the Wall Street Journal, Rubin said "I am an entrepreneur at heart and now is the right time for me to start a new chapter within Google."

The news prompted discussion that Android and Chrome OS would become one, but Google CEO Larry Page was light on the details in announcing the switch. We'll likely hear more on the future of Android and Chrome at Google I/O in May.

Schmidt, meanwhile, has been traveling the globe in an effort to promote expanded Internet access in regions that have had issues with web-based censorship. He was in North Korea earlier this year, and will soon travel to Myanmar.

Image Credit: Flickr (fortunelivemedia)