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Google to take on Samsung and Apple with Android smart watch

Samsung's now-confirmed Galaxy Smart Watch won't be the only competition facing Apple's expected 'iWatch' product, if recent reports are to be believed.

According to the Financial Times, Google is also prepping a smart watch offering.

Intriguingly, the project is apparently based out of the search giant's Android wing as opposed to the Google X Lab - the unit responsible for Google Glass and other future-facing products.

That placement seems to indicate that Google feels a smart watch would immediately tempt mainstream consumers, as opposed to the augmented reality headset, which is primarily of interest to early-adopters at this stage.

The FT says its report is based on information from "a person briefed on the project." By way of corroboration, the respected news outlet points out that Google has a long-standing interest in smart watch development, having filed a patent (see diagram, top) for a wristwatch-like computer back in 2011.

That filing describes a "smart watch" with a dual-screen "flip-up display" and "tactile user interface," as well as an integrated camera. For its part, the Verge points out that recent Google acquisition Motorola has a history of smart watch production in the form of the MOTOACTV.

The smart watch segment looks set to take-off in near future: in addition to the hotly tipped Galaxy Smart Watch and Apple iWatch, the Pebble Smartwatch recently came to market.