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Primus Saver Broadband package available from £19 per month

Telecom company Primus is not a broadband brand you often hear but yet it is a firm favourite on Martin Lewis’ popular website and has two cracking broadband deals.

The company is offering an entry level package called Primus Broadband for a mere £11.20 per month, a price that includes line rental and line installation. There are a few caveats; there’s 20GB data allowance, enough for light users, you have to pay the line rental in advance for a whole year (that’s £120 from day one) and the offer ends on 31 March.

The good news though is that you get free weekend and evening calls, free activation plus a free wireless router (although you pay a one-off P&P for the router).

If you want unlimited data allowance, you will have to shift to the more expensive Primus Max, which offers removes the limit (but you are still bound by a fair usage allowance policy).

It costs £18.99 (including line rental) and the contract length is 18 months. Note that you will be paying extra should you want to pay on a monthly basis. Note that the service uses ADSL (copper) and that speeds are up to 8Mbps.

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