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Redstone enables sixty-fold capacity increase without expanding footprint

Redstone specializes in managed, hosted and internet service provision to a wide range of UK organizations. Redstone employs more than 600 staff, generates more than £100 million in annual revenues, and operates from multiple UK and international locations and over ten data centres.

As Redstone continued to win more and more contracts, its data centres were rapidly filling up. The company's traditional approach of dedicating each physical server to a specific customer or workload was predictably linear, and the relentless progress towards a full data centre was significantly constraining Redstone's ability to sell new contracts.

John Roberts, Head of Managed Services at Redstone, comments, "We run many UK data centres, and with long-term contracts in place and business volumes growing, we could see where we were heading. We knew that the ability to meet the demand for cloud-based services would be essential, yet the increase in capacity could not easily be met or sustained by our existing solutions. We wanted to transform our own infrastructure to provide cloud services to our customers, increase the flexibility and granularity of our offerings, and simultaneously increase the available capacity in our data centres."

Redstone spoke with Gartner and reviewed multiple vendor options, assessing service, technical capabilities and corporate strength. Based on a 360-degree view of the offerings, Redstone selected IBM Flex System as the foundation for its transformed service infrastructure. John Roberts continues, "IBM Flex System technology made sense to Redstone. With close to 1,000 core clients in multiple business sectors, we support every possible type of customer configuration, service or request. IBM Flex System enables Redstone to meet customer requests for different operating systems, capacities and capabilities, and go out to market with sophisticated cloud-enabled offerings based on a secure, sophisticated and mature technology foundation.

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