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Corsair Professional AX760 / AX860 PSU preview

Late last year we reviewed the Corsair Professional AX760i and AX860i power supplies with the Corsair Link feature. If the latter isn't as important to you, then the Corsair Professional AX760 and AX860 could be interesting.

These two new PSUs have the same capacities, but are not equipped with Corsair Link. They will replace the popular Corsair Professional AX750 and AX850. Those were still manufactured by Seasonic, but the AX760 and AX860 are produced by ChannelWell (CWT). As usual Corsair influenced the design.

Compared to their predecessors, the new AX760 and AX860 are slightly more affordable. A bigger difference is that the AX750 and AX850 were 80Plus Gold certified, but the AX760 and AX860 are 80Plus Platinum certified. That implies an efficiency of at least 92%.

These are single-rail PSUs like their predecessors. The AX760 can supply up to 63A on the 12V cables, the AX860 up to 71A, which translates to 756W and 852W, respectively, basically their entire capacity can be supplied on the 12V rail. The PSUs can supply 25A on the 3.3V and 5V rails.

The AX760 and AX860 are also still modular, so you only actually use the cables you need. They have the same number of connectors as the previous models, so 8 molex and 12 SATA power connectors.

The number of PEG connectors has increased compared to the previous generation, from 4 to 6. All cables are sleeved.

The power supplies have a 12 cm fan, and can work semi-passively. A button puts the PSUs in hybrid mode, as long as the temperate and load stays under a certain level, the fan will remain inactive. When you look at the hardware inside it's clear that the two models are based on the same design.

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