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External Blu-ray drive down to £18.88, External DVD writer down to £8.89

You can now buy an external Blu-ray player from as little as £18.88, a price that includes 15 Nectar points. The drive is sold on eBay via a popular retailer and comes with a free protective pouch.

The drive is available in silver, black or white and comes from China Industrial. It supports most Blu-ray formats (including dual layer) and 3D as well and can read Blu-ray discs at up to 4.8x.

It doesn’t burn them though and you probably need to fork thrice this price in order to get that feature. Note that you will need two USB ports to get it to work.

If your needs are limited to DVD and CDs, then another retailer on eBay sells an external DVD writer with a free pouch and five DVD+R disks for a mere £8.89 including 8 Nectar points.

That’s less than half of the price of the first peripheral. That DVD writer will also need two USB cables to work and can write to dual-layer DVD discs.

The popularization of devices such as small form factor devices (like HTPC or tablets), netbooks and Ultrabooks has opened up a significant market for external storage devices. It is not therefore surprising to see that some internal hard drives are more expensive than their external counterparts.

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