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Facebook rolls out free VoIP calls to iOS Messenger users in UK

Facebook has updated its iOS Messenger app so that UK users can gain access to its free VoIP service.

Desktop-based Facebook users have been able to enjoy a good chinwag on the house for a while now, but the arrival of free calling on Britain's iPhones and iPads will mark the first time the service will be available on mobile devices outside of the US and Canada.

To make use of the new free calling feature, just head to the Facebook Messenger app on your iOS gadget, then look for the little 'i' icon in the top right-hand corner. Tap it to bring up an option menu and you'll notice that the 'Free Call' option has now been activated.

The service is only compatible with one-to-one conversations. If your buddy isn't available for a chat immediately, you'll have the option of leaving a voicemail for them to pick up later - a relatively new feature that was added to Facebook Messenger in January. (opens in new tab)

Remember that while there are no extra charges for VoIP calls over Facebook Messenger, you will need to be connected to the Internet via 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi. In other words, you'll be using data while you chat, so make sure to stay on top of your data allowance lest you get any unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

Facebook Messenger can be downloaded for free via the iOS App Store and is also available for the Android and BlackBerry operating systems. But users of those platforms will no doubt be frustrated to learn that only iOS devices will be able to enjoy free VoIP calls for the time being.

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