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Video shows Google co-founder Sergey Brin discussing Google Glass at TED conference

Nearly a year after the official unveiling of Google Glass at the search giant’s I/O developer conference, we’re getting yet more details about the development of the augmented reality glasses and their intended use. This time, the information comes straight from the horse’s mouth, with Google co-founder, and top Google Glass shiller, Sergey Brin pulling back the curtain further on the eyewear.

“We question whether [the traditional touchscreen smartphone] is the ultimate future of how you connect to people in your life and how you to connect to information,” Brin said.

This unofficial talk was recorded at a TED conference earlier this year and is the one in which Brin made his now-infamous, and thoroughly bizarre, comment describing smartphones as “emasculating”. But that mini-scandal aside, watch the video below to see Brin delve into his vision of a future in which Google Glass is the norm.