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ASUS Vivobook X202E/ S200E laptop preview

Some laptops can be converted into tablets, and some tablets come with keyboard docks. Then there's also the laptop with a touchscreen, such as the ASUS Vivobook X202E we are reviewing today.

There is a downside to these new products, and that's how much they cost. But it's that way with any new product cycle, and it's no different with Windows 8 products. The OS has now been out for a number of months, and we are finally starting to see an attempt by manufacturers to bring more affordable products to market. The Acer Iconia W510 is one example, and the ASUS Vivobook X202E now joins that category as well.

The Vivobook X202E is very affordable with a starting price of around £400. Even without touchscreen that would not be a lot. It doesn't look like a cheap laptop however, with not a lot of plastic and a stylish aluminium finish. It's not as thin and sleek as the Zen Ultrabooks from ASUS, but still stylish. We tested the top high-end model (S200E-CT158H), which can be had from Amazon for well under £400 (opens in new tab).