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Hyperoptic delivers 1Gbit/s broadband to urban Britain

Budding broadband provider Hyperoptic (opens in new tab) is now delivering its "real fibre revolution" to some 20,000 premises in London, with as much as 60 per cent of that user base enjoying access to the firm's top 1Gbit/s package.

To that into context, a 1Gbit/s transfer rate could deliver maximum download speeds of around 125MB/s – meaning that a typical 1080p film with a file size between 5GB and 7GB would take around a minute to download.

"You might not need one gigabit now, but history shows people will use it as time goes on. I wouldn't pretend there is a need for a gigabit, but there isn't a need for a Ferrari either," said Hyperoptic MD Dana Tobak.

She added that remote workers in particular could gain immediate benefit from super high-speed broadband.

"We hear of some people using the service to work from home as they get a better connection than they can get in their office. It delivers a much better service in terms of stability without the fluctuations you can get with congested DSL networks, even if they're fibre to the cabinet."

To date, Hyperoptic has focused its deployment efforts on furnishing residential properties, but the company said it plans to expand into the enterprise space in the near future.

"Our main focus has been on residential properties but we will have our first business block online soon," Tobak commented.

Unfortunately, a quick search of ITProPortal staff post codes didn't bring up any Hyperoptic availability - like a great many we expect, we'll have to content ourselves with registering our interest (opens in new tab) for the time being.

Where available, Hyperoptic's 1Gbit/s "Hyper-sonic" service costs £50 a month - just £15 more than Virgin Media's top-of-the-line 100MBit/s broadband offering (£35) and only £10 dearer than BT's 76Mbit/s package, which costs £40 a month.

Indeed, those with less demanding download expectations can get a 100Mbit/s Hyperoptic package for as little as £25 a month - one of the best value broadband packages we're aware of right now.

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