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Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple iPhone 5, HTC One X+, HTC Windows Phone 8X shootout: comparing video quality

If you're one of those people that loves to film everything you do with your friends and family, or frequently go to concerts, or even are a proud parent, then you probably care about how good the video quality is of your smartphone. Who wants to save subpar video for posterity, the first steps of your little one can't be pixellated can they?

Hardware.Info therefore compared the video quality of four popular smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple iPhone 5, HTC 8X and HTC One X+. We did this both outside in daylight and indoors with modest lighting.The video on the next page shows the four videos at the same time, so you can see the differences live and make up your own mind.

Each camera is tested in 1080p resolution, with the highest possible storage quality. Image stabilisation is enabled when it's available. On the iPhone 5 and the HTC 8X it is not possible to manually enable or disable image stabilisation, but on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X+ you can. On the Samsung Galaxy S III the viewing area is smaller when image stabilisation is enabled, on the HTC One X+ there is no difference between the two modes.

We created a very nifty MacGyver-inspired testing rig, with the four phones mounted on a flat, vertical surface and lined up so that they filmed the exact same area. In order to prevent swaying our contraption back-and-forth, we held it with two hands, one at the top, and one at the bottom.

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