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The best Android productivity and organisation apps of 2013

There are a lot of apps out there in the world of Android – no less than 700,000 of them, in fact. So searching through that lot, trying to find the gems among the muck, can be a pretty thankless task.

Luckily, ITProPortal is here to provide a helping hand with our series of articles in which we’re rounding up the top Android apps in various categories.

This is the fourth article in the series, the previous ones being: The best Android utility apps, the best Android news apps, and the best Android reference apps.

This time, we’re looking at productivity and organisational apps – tools which can help make your life more manageable.

These include cloud storage apps such as Box and Dropbox, and the likes of Any.DO, which helps you keep track of tasks you need to undertake, or LastPass, which is an absolute dream when it comes to organising your online passwords.

Any.DO (free)

There are lots of apps for making lists of tasks, but Any.DO is easily among the most stylish. In addition to its simple interface, it offers easy organisation and built-in syncing between devices.

While the thrust of Any.DO is to organise tasks, it can easily be used to keep track of shopping lists or anything else you might need to itemise. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to get organised.

Box (free)

Box is a more secure version of Dropbox (which we’ll come on to shortly). Like the latter, Box lets you sync and store your files "in the cloud" and access them from another Internet-connected device or PC. Box also encrypts your stored files and requires a passcode for when the app times out.

Bump (free)

Bump lets two users tap their phones together to immediately share photos, contacts, and apps. It’s a clever little piece of software that works via the cloud, and cross-platform between iOS and Android users.

Catch Notes (free)

A note-taking and organisational app with style, Catch Notes is like a high-design version of Evernote. Users create notes, reminders, photos, checklists, and recordings which can then be organised into notebook-like "spaces." Catch keeps these creations synced across all your devices, and it's accessible through a web interface as well. If you're tired of drab old Evernote, Catch Notes is a must-have. Note that the app is free, but you can snag additional spaces for $4.99 (£3.30) per month.

Dropbox (free)

The original cloud storage service, Dropbox has a clean, sleek Android app that rivals the iPhone version in terms of style. Dropbox's terms are pretty well known: The free version will allow you up to 2GB of files seamless synced between devices and stored online. The app puts all those files at your fingertips, easily allowing you to view, download, and share what you need whenever you need it.

Evernote (free)

If you weren't an Evernote early adopter, the freemium note-taking and organisation app that syncs all your files to a cloud service, there's no shame in being late to the party. On an Android phone, Evernote works smoothly, looks great, and most importantly, integrates with dozens of other apps and services.

Google Drive (free)

Google Drive is a powerful cloud-based storage locker and basic office suite. With it, you can create and edit documents, and have changes synced between multiple devices and users. Google Drive is extremely easy to use and comes with a strong set of sharing options that basically mean you never have to attach a document to an email again.

LastPass Password Mgr Premium (£0.66 per month)

This app is a powerful password manager that keeps your information safely guarded behind a single password. On Android, LastPass provides access to your password vault, auto-fill forms, secure notes, and a password generator. LastPass can even be used to enter login information for websites and apps on your Android device. While it's a bit difficult to use off the bat, a quick read of the online documentation will have you bending passwords to your will. You can have a free two week trial of the service, but if you want to continue beyond that, a monthly subscription is necessary.