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Flipboard 2.0 brings digital magazine publishing to the masses

Popular social magazine Flipboard has revamped its user experience, launching a second-generation product that turns everyone into a digital editor and publisher.

Flipboard 2.0 revolves around the new "+" button, which allows users to collect their favourite content from across the web - articles, photos, video, and audio are all supported - and 'flip' it into a magazine to reflect their personality and interests.

Simply anoint your magazine with a title and description, choose a cover photo, pick a category, and you're off. Once you've added some content and are satisfied with your creation, you can publish your magazine and share it with the wider world, or opt for a more bespoke audience by keeping it private.

"With more than 50 million users, Flipboard is used every day as a place to catch up on the things you care about. But starting now, it's also a great place to share opinions, save favorite stories, and express your point of view," said Flipboard CEO Mike McCue.

He added: "This is our biggest release ever and one that we think will open an entirely new experience for our readers."

After going live, users manage their product and interact with readers. There's the ability to like items, comment on posts, and subscribe to other people's magazines - all of which are noted via the new Flipboard Notifications feature. As you'd expect, there's also the ability to share over other social networks, and external interactions are routed back to Flipboard.

Elsewhere, Flipboard 2.0 heralds the arrival of Content Search, which helps users discover other people's creations and comes with the ability to search via topic, subject, or hashtag. Flipboard's partnership with Etsy has also borne fruit in the latest edition, which offers a streamlined view of products featured on the creative craft site.

The downside? Right now, Flipboard 2.0 has only made it to iOS devices, so your dream publishing career only starts today if you've got an iPad or iPhone. Android is surely in Flipboard's future plans, however – it did, after all, originally debut on the Samsung Galaxy S3.