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Zoostorm quad-core PC for under £230

We came across the Zoostorm 7873-1078 PC from Ebuyer quite recently (in February) and despite the rising cost of memory modules, the price of that desktop computer went down by £20 to £230, which is a pretty compelling cost for what it offers.

It features an AMD A6-3670K APU clocked at 2.7GHz with four cores and 4MB cache plus an AMD Radeon HD 6530D GPU. There’s also 8GB of RAM (upgradable to 16GB), a DVD writer, 2TB SATA HDD, a motherboard with an AMD A55 chipset (possibly a mATX model from MSI), a 300W PSU, a mATX tower but no operating system.

The rest of the features include six USB 2.0 ports, PS2, DVI-D, D-Sub (but no HDMI), an Ethernet port (powered by a GbE chip from Realtek), a free PCIe x16, a PCI Slot and a free PCI-e slot.

Reviewers have suggested getting a SSD drive to be used as a system disk to improve boot time (that’s less than £40), a dedicated graphics card and perhaps a new PSU.

Oh and budget around £50 for a new operating system (although nothing prevents you from using Ubuntu, ChromeOS or indeed any free open source OS on the market). Note that this computer doesn’t come with a mouse, keyboard or monitor.