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6 Months of Lovefilm Instant for £10

Hot on the steps of our featured article, Lovefilm vs Netflix, Amazon Local deals is currently offering six months of unlimited movies and TV series to watch instantly on Lovefilm Instant (which is owned by Amazon) for a mere £10, that’s £1.66 per month (or just over 5p per day).

The offer is valid for new customers only until midnight today and represents a saving of £19.94 (or 67 per cent) of the suggested retail price of £4.99 per month. You can only buy one per person (although nothing prevents you from gifting a few).

Note that the offer expires on 26 September 2013 and your card will be automatically charged after the 6-month promotional period (unless you choose to opt out).

Lovefilm Instant – which uses Silverlight rather than Adobe’s Flash - can be streamed to a TV, all major gaming consoles (including the Wii) and even an iPad. The Amazon-owned outfit also offers Xbox 360 games, PS3, Wii and DS games (over and above movies) for £11.22 per month.

Even if Netflix’s picture quality and catalogue offerings (especially when you are accessing the US one) are vastly superior, Lovefilm’s 5p a day streaming is unbeatable.

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