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Octocore Rival chipset to Galaxy S4 SoC "paper-launched" by Renesas

Renesas has announced the launch of a new chipset called the R-Car H2 (R8A7790x) which comes with four Cortex-A15 cores and four Cortex-A7 cores, a layout that was pioneered by the Samsung Exynos Octa which found its way in the Samsung Galaxy S4, a smartphone that was launched on 14 March.

As for the Octa, the R-Car H2 runs two independent groups of four cores in a big.LITTLE configuration with an Imagination PowerVR Series6 G6400 GPU, the first actual implantation of Rogue that we’ve seen.

Unfortunately, the R-Car H2 is only being sampled at the moment with mass production (and hence widespread availability) in 12 months’ time.

The product is aimed primarily at the automotive market which leads us to believe that the chip must be consuming and dissipating significantly more power than the Samsung Exynos Octa.

Renenas will also ship the SoC with an optional real time processing CPU core which will act as a dedicated multimedia engine.

Performancewise, the SoC can handle four 1080p streams (encode/decode) at 60 frames per second (i.e. in theory, it supports UHD natively).

The Exynos Octa was expected to appear in the UK version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 but sources have told us that this won't be the case.

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