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Tech City leader Rohan Silva quits government role

One of the driving forces behind London’s burgeoning Tech City has resigned from his role as senior policy adviser to David Cameron’s government.

Rohan Silva has been a prominent figure in developing the technology hub in the East of the capital, as the Silicon Roundabout seeks to replicate California’s Silicon Valley. But having worked at Downing Street since May 2010, Silva is leaving the position to pursue his own tech education business.

The 32-year-old confirmed his decision to Tech City News and was keen to emphasise the departure was not a sign of friction with the Conservative hierarchy. In fact he claimed the difficulty he had in resinging showed “how much I love my job and working for George [Osborne] and David [Cameron].”

It’s been a hard decision, I’ve loved that I’ve been able to make a difference,” he said.

Silva will officially leave in June but according to sources close to No.10 cited by Tech City News, he plans to push forward with policies promoting trade links with China in the final weeks of his tenure. Meanwhile, Cameron and co will begin their search for a successor.

Known for his enthusiasm and optimistic outlook, Silva predicted in November that billions of pounds would be saved in the UK through developments in IT. “People are talking about very big figures and potential savings in the welfare budget, but it’s my view that over time we can take just as much out of IT,” he said.

“I think we can take £10 billion out of public sector IT spending in the years ahead, without any change in the experience for the citizen, other than it will get better.”

Image: Flickr (personaldemocracy)