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Get clickin' if you want chicken: KFC launches dedicated iPhone app

The Colonel would hardly have been able to fathom it back in his day, but global fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken is quickly establishing itself as one of the UK High Street's more tech savvy operations.

Following on from March's announcement that it is rolling out free Wi-Fi across its UK outlets, KFC has revealed that it is launching a new iOS app to help ease the hunger pangs of customers unable to wait a couple of minutes for their dose of greasy goodness.

KFC Fast Track will allow customers to pre-order their fast food fix prior to arriving at a store. Once they reach their selected eatery, all it takes is a simple smartphone swipe and you can pick up your meal via a dedicated fast-track queue.

The iOS app, which is compatible with the iPhone 3GS and above as well as the iPad, is currently being trialled at 10 KFC joints in the UK. If it proves successful, KFC hopes to roll out Fast Track throughout Britain ahead of a further expansion in the US.

Developed in partnership with shopping solutions specialist AIRTAG, KFC's new app makes it the latest High Street food vendor to embrace mobile ordering and payment technology: Domino's, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Chipotle and Starbucks are among the other companies looking to the future.

"KFC Fast Track will renew the ordering experience in a way that meets new consumer demands for efficiency onset by the increasing importance of multi-channel commerce shopping," commented Jérémie Leroyer, CEO and co-founder of AIRTAG.

AIRTAG added that it hoped KFC's new smart food ordering app would feature in around five per cent of transactions within a years' time.

You can download KFC Fast Track now via iTunes - unlike your next bucket of wings, it's free.