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Imtech ICT cuts risk and opens up new opportunities

Imtech ICT helps its clients achieve their business transformation objectives through the innovative use and delivery of ICT and business process-led solutions. The company is part of Royal Imtech N.V, one of the strongest players in the ICT services market in Europe today,with an annual turnover in excess of €5 billion (£4.25 billion). Across Europe, Imtech ICT employs more than 2,500 technology specialists. Imtech ICT UK operates three regional offices, a data centre in the South East of England, and has fail over capabilities for data replication and disaster recovery purposes.

Serving customer needs

The challenge for Imtech ICT is to grow the number of managed services accounts in its customer portfolio and at the same time,enhance the capacity, flexibility and scalability of its offerings without increasing operational costs or adding unnecessary complexity. Imtech ICT's Managing Director, James Morgan, explains, "Imtech has an expert team of professionals in this field who ensure our customers' systems, software and security are fully operational at all times. However, our existing infrastructure was threatening to restrict our growth, as it was unable to deliver the scalability and flexibility we needed. A comprehensive re-alignment of our ICT strategy was required.

Chris Benson, Managed Services Business Manager at Imtech ICT,continues, "After discussions around the needs of our customers today and their potential needs of tomorrow; which could be anything from leveraging niche cloud services to the challenges of 'Big Data' and maintaining legacy servers – we quickly realized we could make it easier if they could purchase managed services independently and not just as a result of a technology investment."

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