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Microsoft SkyDrive iOS update emerges after Apple dispute

Microsoft has released a long-awaited update to its SkyDrive for iOS app, indicating that the software giant's kerfuffle with Apple over in-app revenues has been resolved.

It's been more than 10 months since Microsoft last updated the iOS version of its cloud storage service. A new version of the app has reportedly been ready for some time, but was held up due to Microsoft's reluctance to pay Apple 30 per cent of the revenues it earned when users purchased additional SkyDrive storage within the app.

It appears Microsoft has now stripped the option to buy additional storage from the app rather than pay that 30 per cent fee, according to TechCrunch.

Regardless, the update is finally available, and brings support for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, among other enhancements. iDevice users will also now be able to download full resolution photos from within the app on their iPhone and iPad.

In addition, there's improved support when opening SkyDrive files in other iOS apps, and uploading files to SkyDrive. Finally, the update offers a new user experience, including updated app icons and visuals in addition to a fresh slate of bug fixes.

"We aim to make SkyDrive the place for all your documents, notes, photos, videos and other files," Mike Torres, group program manager for SkyDrive apps, wrote in a blog post Wednesday. "Of course, there are great SkyDrive experiences for Windows devices, but being the place for all your files means we invest a significant amount of effort ensuring you have a great experience across all the devices you want to use."

SkyDrive for iOS 3.0 is available for download in the App Store now.