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North Korea threat: US and South Korea form cyber alliance

As the US and South Korea carry out military precautions following more threats of a nuclear attack from North Korea, the two countries are also taking action in the cyber sphere to safeguard their digital infrastructure.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency, Seoul and Washington are increasing collaboration in the development of cyber weapons and defence strategies in a bid to deter attacks from the increasingly bellicose North Koreans.

While the threat of military confrontation has been restricted to bluster and posturing thus far, flashpoints in the cyber realm have already been realised, as a host of South Korean banks and television networks had their systems taken down last month in attacks believed to have been orchestrated from North of the border.

As such, further assistance from the US has been agreed this week, with a senior South Korean ministry official confirming to Yonhap, "We will cooperate with the US to prepare measures in cyber policy, technology and information."

The cyber alliance looks set to strengthen in the long term too, via the nations’ existing Combined Forces Command which South Korea says will be upgraded to create a body known as OPCON in the coming years.

"The ministry will prepare the OPCON transition to meet the December 2015 deadline and establish a new joint operation body," the ministry said in a statement.

Image: Flickr (zennie62)