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North Korea Twitter and Flickr accounts hacked by Anonymous

Tension and controversy stemming from North Korea's threats to launch nuclear attacks is continuing to spill over into the cyber sphere, with the pariah nation’s state-run social media accounts appearing to be hacked this afternoon.

Both the Twitter and Flickr feeds belonging to the government’s news outlet Uriminzokkiri have been compromised, and perennial mischief-makers Anonymous seem to be behind the stunt.

A series of posts taking a very different tack to the usual stream of content emerged today, including images showing the country's supreme leader Kim Jong-un with a snout and Mickey Mouse tattoo on a 'wanted' poster (left), accused of "Threatening world peace...while his people starve to death."

Other pictures posted include the Anonymous mask over the North Korean flag (above), as well as the customary "We are Anonymous" and "Tango down" references from the hacking collective.

All eyes have been on Pyongyang today after government rhetoric became increasingly confrontational last night, and earlier we reported the strengthening of a cyber alliance between two of the North's greatest foes - South Korea and the US - in response.