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Samsung to launch yet more Galaxy smartphones called Mega

Samsung will unveil two new smartphones in the “phablet” category according to Sammobile. Interestingly, they will get a new label as they are reportedly going to be called Galaxy Mega.

Two models will be available at launch, the GT-I9152, otherwise known as the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and the GT-9200, known as the Galaxy Mega 6.3. The former is expected to be a DUOS smartphone, the name given to handsets from Samsung that usually carry two SIM slots.

The Mega 5.8 will apparently be launched in May and the Mega 6.3 towards the end of June. Samsung, we suspect, wants to build on the growing popularity of large format smartphones given the rather surprising success of the Galaxy Note family.

It looks likely that the Mega will be the mainstream version of the Note, filling a void before others like Huawei or ZTE brings out mid-range Phablets.

It’s interesting to note how screen sizes on flagship Samsung devices have been going up.

The first Galaxy S had a 4in display, the S2, a 4.3in diagonal, the S3, a 4.8in one and the S4, a 5in one. Ditto for the Note. It started at 5.3in, then crept up to 5.55 on the Note 2 and is expected to reach 6.3in on the third iteration.

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