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Today's Tech: HTC One reviewed, North Korea controversy spills into cyber sphere, KFC iPhone app launched

HTC's latest smartphone, the HTC One, is set to be a blockbuster. In her review of the yet-to-be-released handset, Sandra Vogel gave it a stellar 9 out of 10 points. "Fortunately for HTC - and for those who like to see healthy competition between rivals - the HTC One is a splendid phone. It's not without niggles, but it does enough to give HTC the lift it needs and there are plenty of innovations onboard to lure you in," she writes, going on to praise its build, display, speedy processor and impressive sound quality. Though its lack of a microSD card and some of its frustrating Android skin elements are among its downsides, Sandra ultimately concludes that the HTC One is a fantastic smartphone that could "definitely give HTC the boost it needs right now." Read on for more details about how the device stacks up.

As the US and South Korea carry out military precautions following more threats of a nuclear attack from North Korea, the two countries are also taking action in the cyber sphere to safeguard their digital infrastructure. According to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency, Seoul and Washington are increasing collaboration in the development of cyber weapons and defence strategies in a bid to deter attacks from the increasingly bellicose North Koreans. While the threat of military confrontation has been restricted to bluster and posturing thus far, flashpoints in the cyber realm have already been realised, as a host of South Korean banks and television networks had their systems taken down last month in attacks believed to have been orchestrated North of the border.

Tension and controversy surrounding the country continued to spill over into the cyber sphere this afternoon, with the pariah nation’s state-run social media accounts appearing to be hacked. Both the Twitter and Flickr feeds belonging to the government’s news outlet Uriminzokkiri have been compromised, and perennial mischief-maker Anonymous seems to be behind the stunt. A series of posts taking a very different tack to the usual stream of content emerged today, including images showing the country's supreme leader Kim Jong-un with a snout and Mickey Mouse tattoo on a 'wanted' poster, accused of "Threatening world peace...while his people starve to death." Follow the link to see what else Anonymous got up to.

The Colonel would hardly have been able to fathom it back in his day, but global fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken is quickly establishing itself as one of the UK High Street's more tech savvy operations. Following on from March's announcement that it is rolling out free Wi-Fi across its UK outlets, KFC has revealed that it is launching a new iOS app to help ease the hunger pangs of customers unable to wait a couple of minutes for their dose of greasy goodness. KFC Fast Track will allow customers to pre-order their fast food fix prior to arriving at a store. Once they reach their selected eatery, all it takes is a simple smartphone swipe and you can pick up your meal via a dedicated fast-track queue. The iOS app, which is compatible with the iPhone 3GS and above as well as the iPad, is currently being trialled at 10 KFC joints in the UK.

Usually, mobile phone accessories are nothing more than a sideshow at technology exhibitions, but the BubbleScope 360 degree camera add-on as spotted at the Gadget Show Live 2013 may just be an exception to the rule. Manufactured by British startup BubblePix, the BubbleScope is a passive optical handset accessory that immersively captures 360 degree images and videos in conjunction with an eponymous app. BubbleScope operates in a standard vertical positioning allowing for 360 degree horizontal capture with a 100 degree vertical field of view and comes in handset-specific models, with a special connector case to fit your device. It is currently available for the Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4, as well the Samsung Galaxy S3 - follow the link for more details including UK pricing information.