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4G services are still too expensive says new research

A survey carried out by price comparison and switching service uSwitch found out that more than a third of consumers surveyed consider 4G to be too expensive.

38 per cent says it is just too costly compared to 21 per cent when the questions were asked back in October. Concerns over going beyond their data allowance have also marginally increased from 62 per cent to 69 per cent.

Other titbits that emerged from the research include the fact that 4G awareness has improved markedly, singlehandedly driven by EE, which still remains the only mobile phone operator offering 4G services in the UK.

Less than half of customers probed knew what 4G was prior to the launch of EE’s services back in October. That number has risen to more than 70 per cent now.

It’s also interesting to note that almost half of smartphone users are thinking of getting a 4G smartphone when their contracts come up for renewal compared to around a third in October and just one out of six believe that 4G will live up its hype.

Both Vodafone and O2 will launch 4G services later in the year while Three is betting, short term, on its own DC-HSPDA+ network which, crucially, doesn’t carry any price premium and offers unlimited data allowance (with tethering).

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