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Cyber attacks hit global businesses once every minute

A report published by security vendor FireEye highlights the growing threat posed by malicious code on a daily basis. The company logged 89 million malware events that occurred worldwide during the second half of last year on its network.

That translates into roughly 500,000 attacks per day or 343 every minute. Extrapolating on that number, FireEye estimates that, on average, an entreprise experiences a so-called malware event (either a suspicious web link or a malicious file) every three minutes.

Intriguingly, technology companies are the most at risk although it is not known whether it is because they have been deliberately targeted or because of lax security (or both).

Zheng Bu, senior director of research at FireEye, commented on the report saying that businesses need to be more aware of how often they come under attack and should be more aware of their defence strategies.

“Malware writers spend enormous effort on developing evasion techniques that bypass legacy security systems,” he said, before adding “Unless enterprises take steps to modernise their security strategy, most organisations are sitting ducks.”

Amongst the preferred vectors used by cyber criminals are the more common spear phishing emails to initiate a malware attack and ZIP files to deliver the compromised payload.

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