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Is this the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6? Pics of Curvy Apple smartphone emerge

[Update : It seems that GSMArena was the first on the case and that the same chap that sent the picture around. His name is Frederick Proll]

Shortly after Apple filed a patent application for a wrap-around, flexible display that would be used on a smartphone, pictures of what looks like an iPhone prototype with a very similar design has surfaced courtesy of a reader of, a tech news website based in the Netherlands.

The photos do not look like 3D renders that are often too clean and perfect and David van Dantzig carried out due diligence analysis of the pictures, from the EXIF data of the pictures (taken on 31 March 2013 via an iPhone 4S, three days after the Apple patent was disclosed) to the sharpness of the pictures themselves.

Van Dantzig went on to do some calculations on the screen size of the handset and reckoned that the device would have a screen display size of 5.14in.

A quadrupling of the current pixel count would yield a resolution of 2,272 x 1,280 pixels (that’s 507ppi) while keeping the same resolution would mean a pixel density of 254ppi.

You can read more about the iPhone 5S in our “all you need to know” rumour compendium.

Note that the smartphone may well only be a prototype and the pictures do not show many details except a Lightning connector, a front facing camera and a rear one with a flash.

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