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Leaked photo of new BlackBerry R10 QWERTY handset surfaces online

While mobile enthusiasts continue to debate the merits of the BlackBerry Z10 and weigh up whether its QWERTY-rocking sidekick the Q10 is worthy of a £580 price tag, the Canadian handset manufacturer itself is apparently hard at work preparing new devices for release later this year.

One of those incoming products may have just unofficially broken cover, after a photo of a curved device sporting a physical keyboard (see image, top) was spotted on the BlackBerryOS forum.

While details regarding the mobile pictured are scant at this stage, we're given to understand it's the BlackBerry R-series: an entry-level, QWERTY-handset expected to come with a "more streamlined set of features," than its higher-end sibling the BlackBerry Q10.

To that end, we'd expect a BlackBerry R-series device to feature a reduced set of specs - something along the lines of 1GB of RAM with 8GB of on-board storage plus a microSD card slot wouldn't be surprising.

Prior to the latest rumour mill revelations, the Canadian company indicated that it plans to release BB10 products across all major price points - a new BlackBerry 10 flagship will launch in 2013, if speculation is to be believed.

BlackBerry launched its latest OS, BlackBerry 10, in January alongside two flagship handsets, the Z10 and Q10.