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Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 “Catwalk” smartphone to launch within weeks

Nokia is set to add another Windows Phone 8 device to its portfolio; a Lumia handset will be launched in London on Wednesday 15 May according to My Nokia Blog who cites an anonymous source.

The smartphone, which is known as Catwalk, is expected to launch in the US on Verizon in the second half of 2013 and is expected to come in white, black, red and cyan.

Only a few details are available; it is said to be similar to the Lumia 720 in shape and design and lighter than the Lumia 920, the current top of the range smartphone from Nokia.

My Nokia Blog also says that it will have a 4.5in OLED display and a thickness of just over 10mm. The rest can only be inferred. It is a certainty that it will be powered by a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon system-on-chip and will have either 512MB or 1GB of RAM.

It is likely that it will be a 4G device as it will be available in more than one territory and is said to support concurrent voice and LTE communication (SVLTE). Another smartphone, the Lumia 928, also known as Laser, is also expected to be unveiled on T-Mobile.

Nokia already has four Windows Phone 8 handsets on the market; the Lumia 620, Lumia 720, Lumia 820 and Lumia 920.

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