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The Gadget Show Live 2013 Video Highlights

The Gadget Show Live returned bigger and better than ever to Birmingham's NEC between the 3rd and 7th April 2013.

Featuring presenters Jason and Pollyanna from the Channel 5 TV show with special guests in the live action 'Super Theatre,' the event also boasts several huge exhibition halls packed with over 280 stands from manufacturers demonstrating the latest cutting edge technology from various sectors of the Gadget world.

ITProPortal went along to capture some of the highlights from the show.

Firstly though, who doesn't love a Robot that can dance Gangnam Style?


As you might expect, the home audio end of things was dominated by various manufacturers offering portable, high-end solutions for listening to music from mobile devices. Docking stations and sound boxes for TV's were the main products on offer so we had a closer look at the best.

Bowers and Wilkins are well known for their extremely high end audio products that adapt their technology from the materials and designs used in their professional recording studio ranges. This year at The Gadget Show, Bowers and Wilkins were present with a brand new range of high - end docking stations and even unveiled their new foray into the world of 'in-car' entertainment in partnership with Harman.

SONOS were demonstrating their all new Playbar with 5.1 Surround sound and a pretty hefty looking subwoofer:

Orbitsounds inventor and well respected Audio Electronics Engineer, Ted Fletcher kindly took us around his latest invention, the M9 Soundbar that claims to have re-invented 'stereo' by boasting some unique technology:

Damson Audio were showing some interesting devices, the first of which was the aptly named Oyster demonstrated here in their dedicated sound room purpose built for The Gadget Show 2013:

Damson Audio are also offering this nifty range of speakers called Twix that cleverly use surfaces to transmit sound. At The Gadget Show 2013 they also announced the new Pearl upgrade due at the end of May 2013.

Laptops / Tablets / Notebooks

Gadget Show Live title sponsors Microsoft furnished one of the halls at The Gadget Show 2013 with a vast stand featuring various laptops, tablets and PC's all featuring Windows 8 with staff on hand to guide the wary and unfamiliar around their latest operating system.

On the hardware front, Acer were on hand with demonstrations of their new Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook and Acer Iconia W700:

Lenovo also had new products to show off too, in particular the Yoga 11 tablet / laptop hybrid and an explanation behind the reasoning for the launch of the new Yoga 11S in the summer:

Lenovo managed to draw crowds of people to their stand at The Gadget Show 2013 all eager to explore the communal gaming capabilities of the new Lenovo Ideacentre Horizon S7 by testing out its funky interactive playing pieces. This is a simply huge tablet that claims to be able to make the home computing experience one that brings whole family together:

Ergo were hoping to grab the attention of those present at The Gadget Show 2013 with an interest in education by offering their new Go Note Mini. This notebook, as the video explains is aimed primarily at the children's education market particularly as a tool for use in schools:


Most of the main mobile phone manufacturers it seemed had decided to give The Gadget Show Live a miss this year, perhaps because most had focused their product launches around the Mobile World Congress back in February.

However Sony were keen to demonstrate the waterproof capabilities of their latest Sony Xperia handsets:

LG were showing of their new LG Nexus 4 and Optimus L3 and L5 at The Gadget Show Live. The emphasis being on technology unique to LG and their ability to offer NFC printing:

An inexpensive and really quite clever little device that caught our eye at The Gadget Show 2013 was the Bubblescope from Bubblepix. Not only because of the ability it gives you to take awesome looking panoramic videos or still pictures from any smart phone but also because of the social network aspect built around users sharing their "bubbles" with others around the world. Inventor Tom Lawton explains how it works and the inspiration behind the design:

GoPro were at The Gadget Show 2013 letting visitors get hands on with the latest GoPro Hero 3 the top model of which now features huge resolution abilities and also touch screen and waterproof cages:

Smart TV's

Both Samsung and LG were displaying their brand new Smart TV's at The Gadget Show 2013. Both have their own interpretation of gesture control and built in content management systems.This Samsung Smart TV is a pre-production prototype for the model due out later this year featuring gesture controls and an advanced system allowing the TV to learn your viewing habits and suggest content accordingly:

LG were showing off their search facility and voice controls:


The family nature of The Gadget Show 2013 is such that there is a lot of the 'fun' and recreational side of technology on offer. However with the like of Alienware and Coolermaster present, there was enough to keep the serious gamer interested.

Alienware were explaining the new specialist gaming laptops:

Coolermaster were on hand to demonstrate their range of specially designed mechanical gaming keyboards and explaining why adjustable key response is so important:

Orbotix were drawing attention to themselves at The Gadget Show 2013 by setting up an assault course for their cool little moving orb called Sphero to negotiate. This gadget can be controlled or used as the controller and here we find out how it all works:

3D Printing

A long established technology within the manufacturing industry, 3D printing or prototyping has been around for many years. However, RP Techworks were at The Gadget Show 2013 to show that they have brought 3D printing down to a scale and price that makes it accessible for the home hobbyist or small engineering concern. If nothing else, the models they were making at The Gadget Show 2013 looked were pretty cool!

Artificial Intelligence

The University of Sheffield offered a vision of the future by demonstrating robots that had engineered to behave as a "swarm", the implications of which may prove invaluable for the use of artificial intelligence in medical treatments: