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Facebook Home opened pandora box: South Korean startup targets lockscreen with mobile reward scheme

A South Korean outfit called AppDisco is one of the first post-Facebook-Home startups to launch a service that targets the lock screen (although it was actually in beta mode).

The service, called LatteScreen, is part of the AdLatte mobile reward advertising platform and utilises the lock screen of Android-based mobile devices as advertising platforms.

The beta version of the LatteScreen – which is available only on Android - was introduced back in March and users can view advertisements on their lock simply by sliding to the left or right and can receive up to 2,160 Japanese Yen per month or around £14.30 (tax free).

AppDisco, launched LatteScreen in Korea first and says that it has attracted more than seven million downloads.

The company – which had a booth at Mobile World Congress in February in Barcelona and employs around 150 people - says that it has already established a global business and service teams as it plans to expand in Europe and the U.S.

Retail giant Amazon has a similar lockscreen advertising platform with the sponsored version of Amazon Kindle Fire costing less than the non-sponsored one.

Last Thursday, Facebook announced Facebook Home which it describes as being a “family of apps” and could be compared to a smart RSS feed scotched to your phone’s screen saver (or a social aggregator for Facebook only).

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