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Full Google Glass SXSW presentation available to watch

Google has posted the full video from its Project Glass presentation at SXSW.

The 50-minute speech (below), from Google developer advocate Timothy Jordan, includes a demo of Glass, but is primarily geared toward developers. Google did not release an API, but it wanted to give developers more details about Glass, so they could start thinking about what they might bring to the table.

Jordan did, however, show off some of the apps that are expected on Google Glass, from Evernote to the New York Times.

Glass made its debut at last year's Google I/O conference, and the search giant offered developers the chance to buy an "Explorer" edition for $1,500 (£980). Since then, the company opened up the pool of users via an #ifihadglass contest on Twitter and Google+. But the selection was a little questionable, prompting Google to rescind a few invites.

Still, interest is still high, and Google co-founder Sergey Brin has been spotted all over town (and on the subway) sporting his futuristic specs.

Glass is not without controversy, however. A Seattle bar banned the device, though the owner admitted that it was a bit of a PR stunt. But a West Virginia lawmaker was not joking when he proposed banning head-mounted gear like Google Glass while driving.

Ultimately, Jordan said, the point of Glass is to not take people out of the moment. "By bringing technology closer, we can get it more out of the way," he said. Amidst reports that Chinese firm Baidu is crafting its own version of Google Glass, meanwhile, an analyst this week suggested that Microsoft might also get into the wearable tech game. "In the first half of 2014, we believe Microsoft will come to market with its version of Internet-enabled glasses," Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets wrote in a note to investors, without elaborating.