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O2 customers to get free Wi-Fi on London Underground thanks to Virgin Media

After Virgin Media, EE, Vodafone T-Mobile and Orange, O2 became the fourth mobile phone operator to offer free Wi-Fi to its mobile phone customers.

With O2 jumping on the Virgin Media unlimited Wi-Fi bandwagon, the operator reckons that nearly 90 per cent of potential customers in Greater London will be serviced.

Existing O2 customers that have already signed for O2 Wi-Fi will be able to use the same password both above and underground. 120 stations across the London Underground network currently offer Wi-Fi access.

It is unlikely though that customers from Tesco Mobile (which is half owned by O2) and Giff Gaff, a wholly owned subsidiary of O2, will benefit from the offer.

TFL (Transport for London) already partners with The Cloud, which is owned by BskyB, to bring Wi-Fi to more than 50 Overground stations across London.

Three remains the only major mobile phone operator not to offer any sort of free Wi-Fi services to its customers.

Arguably, if you don’t use London Underground at all or if you believe that using your tablet or smartphone on a packed (and busy) tube platform is not a good idea, then the free Wi-Fi offer is of no good to you.

Virgin Media is also selling a Wi-Fi pass for the tube for £2 a day, £5 a week and £15 for two months.

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