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Sogeti drives software testing innovations for new service offerings and cloud initiatives using IBM Rational solutions

Sogeti is a leading provider of professional technology services, specializing in application management, infrastructure management, high-tech engineering and testing. Together with its sister company Capgemini, Sogeti has developed innovative, business-driven quality assurance (QA) and testing services, combining their own best-in-breed testing methodologies (TMap® and TPI®) and the global delivery model, Rightshore®, to help organizations achieve their testing and QA goals. Capgemini and Sogeti have created one of the largest dedicated testing practices in the world, with over 8,200 test professionals and a further 12,500 application specialists, notably through a groupwide Center of Excellence with testing specialists based in India.

Sogeti Netherlands (NL) is a major contributor to Sogeti's worldwide testing revenues and is a quality assurance innovator within the Group. With over 700 quality assurance experts, it manages hundreds of test plans for its clients in multiple locations in the Netherlands and India. Seeking to drive innovation, lower costs and improve the efficiency of its testing services, Sogeti NL wanted to:

  • Develop an automated testing solution that could support multiple projects and multiple clients, scale up rapidly and enable resources to move between projects
  • Standardize its testing centers and develop them into more highly efficient software testing factories, rather than using a disparate set of test tools
  • Move to a single licensing model for test tools to more effectively support multiple clients managing and accessing test plans, scripts, results and other assets when and where they were needed.

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