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The IBM PureSystems Family

In our previous piece on IBM PureSystems, we looked at the context of the platform, and how it fits into the general direction of IT deployment. In this piece, we start to look at the component parts. IBM PureSystems is a family of products consisting of both hardware and software components. The hardware can have X86 and Power compute nodes, allowing it to consolidate a wide range of platforms into one system.

As you move up the range, the components are integrated into complete systems, application infrastructure is added, and specialised systems are available for online transaction processing and data warehousing. So PureSystems can be deployed for a huge range of IT requirements. Again, IBM's Chief Strategy Officer for PureSystems John Warnants has the full story.

In a future piece we will be explaining exactly what hardware is available, but in our next piece, we will be looking at what the PureSystems Patterns are, and how they form the central function of the range. The Patterns are the "secret sauce" that makes the PureSystems range such a powerful solution for a wide range of IT deployment needs.