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What Are IBM PureSystems Patterns?

In the last two articles and videos, we looked at the background for IBM's PureSystems and the range of products available. But we haven't explained the key element of PureSystems yet – the Patterns. These are much more than just a disk image. You can specify operating systems, applications, and database structure, and then deploy with a single click. You can deploy across X86 and Power architectures, and run a variety of different environments and configurations from a wide range of vendors on the same system. In the following video, John Warnants, Chief Strategy Officer for IBM PureSystems, explains how Patterns work, and how they bring together expert knowledge on the best configuration of all the component parts into a single installation. Whether you are deploying virtual appliances, virtual systems or virtual applications, PureSystems Patterns are available, with a very attractive improvement in total cost of ownership, particularly for workload based provisioning.