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Microsoft to launch Xbox 720 in May with AMD x86-based chipset

Potentially dubbed the Xbox 720, Microsoft's eagerly anticipated next-generation video game console is now sat firmly on the horizon, with multiple sources tipping the US tech giant and Windows 8 manufacturer to announce its new system at a 21 May event.

The Verge claims to have independently verified the launch date, which was originally outed by well-known Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott in his 'What the Tech' podcast.

Like the muted Sony PlayStation 4 unveiling back in February, Microsoft's late-May announcement may only reveal early details about the next Xbox, which is being produced under the Durango codename.

But while there may not be a physical console to ogle on 21 May, a teaser event by Microsoft would set the stage for a grand Xbox 720 vs PlayStation 4 showdown at E3 in June - a scenario many pundits think likely.

Unsurprisingly, Thurrott tipped Microsoft's new console to be "expensive." Apparently, it will retail from $500 in the US - a direct conversion would equate to rather reasonable UK pricing of around £325, though there will inevitably be a premium imposed for export markets. For what it's worth, we'd expect the new Xbox to cost at least £400 when it arrives later in the year.

Intriguingly, Thurrott added that Microsoft's new gaming system may simply be dubbed 'the Xbox' - a minimalist branding move that would obviously remind of Apple's 'new iPad' moniker.

The next Xbox will also come available for $300 (£195) as part of a subscription package, the blogger claimed, while pricing for the Xbox 360 will be dropped to just $99 (£65) in a nod to concerns regarding backward compatibility on the new console.

Elsewhere, Bloomberg is reporting that the new Xbox will feature an AMD x86-based chipset. If accurate, the reports would surely point to a lucrative 2013 for the semiconductor manufacturer, who will also provide the processor for the PlayStation 4. AMD shares jumped 13 per cent on the back of the news.

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