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Nimble Storage announces InfoSight cloud-based big data analytics services

Storage solution specialist Nimble has announced a new deep data analytics service, collectively dubbed InfoSight.

InfoSight centres on an engine that collects systems data at five minute intervals - automatically excluding customer data for operational security – to produce data sets totalling more than 30 million sensor values per array, per day.

According to Nimble, one of the main benefits of InfoSight is that its pattern recognition and correlation analysis helps to identify failure conditions before they occur - part of the Proactive Wellness alert structure intended to prevent productivity drains occurring as a result of outage conditions.

Indeed, Nimble claims this capability automatically detects and resolves more than 80 per cent of support problems, forming a key part of a peer insight-based approach to big data management that can prolong the storage lifecycle.

"Historically, managing storage through its lifecycle has been disconnected, manual and complicated. Today we are ending that by using sophisticated data sciences to automate an extremely complex set of processes. We believe this is a game-changer in the storage industry and one that will not only differentiate us in the market, but more importantly build long-term customer loyalty," commented Suresh Vasudevan, CEO of Nimble Storage.

To augment the new InfoSight data collection engine, the company also announced InfoSight Portal, a cloud-based tool that gives customers access to a range of monitoring, reporting, forecasing, and planning utilities to help deliver actionable insights from the "copious" amounts of deep data being gathered.

Customers can set system-specific triggers, thresholds, and parameters on InfoSight Portal to help enforce best practices, complete with streamlined notifications sent to an executive dashboard. Distinct CPU and cache modelling provides recommendations around load balancing and upgrades, with Nimble's Scale-to-fit architecture allowing capacity to be expanded individually.

The InfoSight Portal is available to all Nimble custmers as part of their support subscription, and will be rolled out across the firm's customer base over the next 30 days.

Complementing its new big data services, Nimble also unveiled NimbleConnect, a collaborative online community dedicated to storage and IT professionals.

Heads up! Big Data Week starts soon - the event will be in London from 22-28 April.