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4TB External hard disk drive from Seagate down to £129, 3TB model down to £90

You can now get a 4TB hard disk drive from as little as £129, which is equivalent to 3.225p per GB, making it one of the cheapest large storage capacity devices on the market.

The Seagate Expansion Desktop is on sale at Currys and at Amazon. It is actually an external hard drive and costs less than an equivalent internal one, which is a bit unexpected.

It runs at 5,400RPM, has a built in power management system, doesn’t need any additional software and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 (natively supports USB 3.0 though). It does need to connect to a power socket though (rather than rely solely on USB to power it) and comes with two year warranty.

What’s more, its shape and size means that you will be able to stack more than two of these up (although we’d advise against that).

If you want a slightly smaller hard disk drive, check out the Intenso Memory Center 3TB desktop hard drive which is a 3TB model but costs £89.99 at MyMemory. That translates into a per GB cost of just under 3p.

It has a read speed of 85MBps and a write speed of 75MBps. Other features include a spinning speed of 5,400RPM, USB 3.0 adaptor and what Intenso describes as an “elegant and unobtrusive” casing.

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