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Twitter's Vine takes top spot on free iOS apps chart

Less than three months after its debut, Twitter's Vine reached the top of the iTunes free app chart this week.

"Hey guys, remember that time we made the No. 1 most popular app in the world?" co-creator Rus Yusupov tweeted in celebration.

Twitter acquired Vine in October, and launched the six-second video-sharing application in late January. But early fanfare wasn't all positive: The app almost immediately came under fire for the its numerous pornographic clips, one of which mistakenly landed at the top of the Editor's Picks list.

An updated version of Vine slapped on a 17+ rating, but the adult-content warning didn't do much to hurt the app's reputation (perhaps it actually helped). Vine is now the number one free iOS app. Or, as designer Bobby McKenna put it, "Vine: bigger than Batman," in reference to the DC Entertainment game Injustice, which stands at number two on the list.

The top-of-the-heap distinction is only true in the US, Canada, and Sweden, though; Vine is not the favoured free app in other parts of the world, The Next Web pointed out.

Currently, Vine is available only for iPhone users, but a February job posting suggested Vine is prepping an Android app. The company is looking to expand its New York City-based team by adding six new jobs, among them a lead Android engineer who will be responsible for "lead development of the first version of Vine for Android."