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BBC staff lost nearly 1000 tablets, laptops and mobiles worth £1m

A Freedom of Information (FoI) request has revealed that staff from the BBC have lost nearly 800 tablets, laptops and mobiles over the past three years.

Laptops make the bulk of the losses with mobile devices (PDA or phones) not far behind. The financial cost is also significant as the BBC leases its equipment and items lost include support charges as well.

Each laptop or tablet lost costs around £1,500 according to a security researcher from Veracode, Tyler Shields, with the cost of mobile phones varying from £100 to £300.

He added that “The huge rise in mobile and tablet devices in the workplace means that staff are able to work from home and on the move, increasing productivity and collaboration. But increased mobility also opens up new risks for organisations due to vulnerabilities in applications that reside on these devices”

In total, the Guardian estimates, this sums up to around £760,000 and includes personal property lost by BBC staff that is not covered by licence fee funds.

Once you add corporation-issued mobile devices in 2012 to that amount (as confirmed by the BBC), that cost swells to around £1m. Note that it doesn’t include any loss incurred in 2010 or 2011.

As a public body, the Beeb is required by law to submit regular updates on the number of computers and other gadgets that it loses every year.

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