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'Burner' app for disposable phone numbers comes to Android

The Burner app, which allows users to create disposable phone numbers, has landed on Android.

Ad Hoc Labs has also issued an update for its iOS app, which debuted in August.

"We're really excited to launch Burner for Android. Android is a huge market opportunity for us, and along with making Burner for iOS free, is a key step in making Burner available to everyone," Greg Cohn, CEO of Ad Hoc Labs, said in a statement. "As privacy is becoming an increasingly hot issue in the mobile space, Burner is an important tool for users to protect themselves by adding an extra layer of anonymity to their phones."

With Burner, users can obtain disposable phone numbers for voice calls and texts. They can use their own smartphone, but if they call or text someone, the disposable phone number will show up on the recipient's caller ID. Ad Hoc Labs said the app is helpful for those posting a Craigslist ad, for example, who might not want to give out their real phone number. When your time is up, the number is deleted - or burned.

The name Burner comes from the cheap, prepaid phones that are often associated with drug deals and similar crimes, and are then "burned" or disposed of immediately to avoid police wiretaps and tracers.

The app download is free, and includes one Burner sample number that will be available for one day, five minutes of call time, or 15 texts - whichever happens first. Additional numbers or extensions are available for purchase via packages that start at $1.99 (£1.30) - which will give you a burner number for seven days, 20 minutes of talk time, or 60 texts. For 8 credits, or $4.99 (£3), you can get 60 days of access, 75 voice minutes, or 225 texts.

On the iOS app, meanwhile, Ad Hoc Labs has added several new features: customisable voicemail greetings; the ability to manage call history by starring, renaming or hiding conversations; and improved notifications of in-bound calls, missed calls and voicemails. Users can earn credits by referring Burner to friends.

Burner is available for download now via Google Play and the Apple App Store.