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Microsoft scores massive win for Yammer and Office 365 with ABB

Microsoft announced today that ABB, a massive global power and automation technology company, will deploy Office 365 and Yammer to its 145,000 employees worldwide.

These seats are spread in 100 countries and will consolidate a heterogeneous park consisting of a number of IT collaboration and messaging solutions into a single cloud-based platform for combining productivity, collaboration, communication and enterprise social features.

Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner highlighted the importance of such a partnership. "ABB's decision as a global technology leader to deploy Office 365 and Yammer will help it realize its vision for empowering employees with new ways of working via enterprise social and the cloud.” He said before adding “When you remove barriers to productivity and innovation and enable employees to collaborate and communicate even more freely and seamlessly across organizational and geographical boundaries, incredible things happen."

Microsoft says that Office 365 – which is the subscription-based version of Office 2013 - may allow ABB to save up to 20 per cent in travel costs by simplifying online meetings.

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