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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet confirmed

After smartphones, Samsung is readying a number of tablets according to a listing of unknown devices that have appeared on the company’s Japanese website.

The codes, SM-T210, SMT210R, SM-T210X, SM-T211, SM-T215, SM-T310, SM-T310, SM-T310X, SM-T311, SM-T312 and SM-T315, are still available on Samsung’s website at the time of writing.

Technology news website SamMobile quotes an anonymous source that confirmed that the company will bring a new generation of tablets which are set to appear in week 24 and week 27, which corresponds to mid-June and the beginning of July respectively.

Two versions of the tablets are expected to be unveiled, one with 3G and the other one without. Both would be white and with 16GB of internal storage.

It is likely that the Galaxy Tab 3 will replace the Galaxy Tab 2 although we’re not sure whether Samsung will discontinue it entirely.

Still, the arrival of the Google Nexus 7 last year was the cat amongst the pigeon and forced the Korean company to take measures to promote the Galaxy Tab 2 (check out the review here).

We witnessed significant cash back schemes as well as “buy a Samsung product and get a Galaxy Tab” ones for the company’s smart television sets, Ultrabooks, smart cameras and more.

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